Cyber Moon is a musical performance inspired from the diasporic experience. Through the euphoria from exploring new places to the melancholy of being otherness, the performance embodies the nuance of emotions on migratorial paths. Based on the collective lyrical motives in 60s and 70s during the wave of immigration from Asian countries, the Moon is presented in many songs. In those songs, this celestial body signifies a transnational connection—an overlapping territories of homeland and faraway—as people believe the are connected to each other when we are under the same moon, disregarding the distance. The performance tells a story of two lovers in different realms underneath the same moon.

[Personal | collective : Soydivision (x) Vorspiel / transmediale & CTM : Recalibration un.thai.tled ]

LOCATION: studio.db

Berlin, Germany
DATE: 31 Jul  2020

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