No Sense of Time

No Sense of Time is a VR projection mapping installation based on a personal interpretation of sense of time. The idea is originated from self-constructed and self-deconstructed consciousness of which the artist has accumulated over the time of his being. Such consciousness is an intangible and inexplicable perception created by his spiritual beliefs that fluctuating between one and another.
In the normal stream of time the physical world moves forward. But time perception on his mental state oscillates back and forth. His particular memories shape his formless identities. It constructs and deconstructs his perception towards the world and reflects perceivable singularity to others.

The installation consists of 2 parts which are virtual and real. One is invited to digitally immersed oneself in a visualised artist’s consciousness through VR experience. At the same time such visualisation is being projected onto the perceiver and can be seen in a real world.

[Personal | group exhibition: Re: Bachelor + Master Graduation Exhibition]
LOCATION: University of Applied Sciences Europe Faculty Art & Design, Campus Berlin, Germany
DATE: 27 Jul  2018

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