Memories of Meng

The feeling of displacement but also belonging never occurred to me until I worked with Thai Park community. It is not only that we share physical/economical space, but also memories of home country – this reminds me of stories my grandmother told; about how she migrated from China to Thailand and how they felt and tried to adapt – that is now happening to me.

I therefore approach this topic on studies of memories and nostalgia; how they create sense of belonging and a comfort space, where people would feel at home, although it is not their home. I also found out that songs produced during this wave of migration (in 60s/70s), regardless of complex political factors, share the motive of a moon; the missing moon, the longing for home “we are far away but still living under the same sky and same moon”.

The installation (visual mappings and mixed media installation) therefore would create the space that provides the sense of home “comfort space” – by using the nature elements such as moon and sky, that are shared motive in music of migration, at same time, fused with my personal memories like photographs that would reflect stories of living in new host countries; as Chinese in Thailand, and Thai in Germany.

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