IO/OI is a virtual reality dance experience. The project presents a journey to the intersection where two timelines cross in history of human and Artificial Intelligence, which could see the interaction of two virtual characters (as human and AI robot) in choreography dance when visitor wears the VR headset.

The storyline is heavily inspired by the views from fiction films “Metropolis” (1927) and “Ex Machina“ (2014). These two films all mentioned that human creates the human-form robot in human-level intelligence to satisfy their desires and curiosity, even they don’t realize that the machines grow powerful enough to influence the fate of human. We extend the perceptions to recreate the scenario which the intelligence might become a risk in history, and how humans react when they face them.

By rigging the joints from motion capture Dancer’s head and limb-positions into animation of 3D characters, and creating a VR environment for stage, this project also shows the possibility that dance performance can enhance the immersive experience for visitors by using modern technology.

In collaboration with Omar Elkammer, Zih-Yao Jian

Chereography : Camille Schaeffer

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